A downloadable game for Windows

Always dream about being a barista in the snow? Live your coffee making dream now! This game has 5 levels and many drink combinations to keep you on your toes!

Art - Anne Smith ArtOfAnnx.com

Audio - Kabir Birdi AudioBirdi.com

Code - Aaron Meinicke Rude.Coffee

Submission in the 2020 Unreal Spring Jam

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Casual, coffee, time-management


2DCafeTeam_CelsiusCafe.zip 112 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the game.

2. Extract the file named "2DCafeTeam_CelsiusCafe", by right clicking on it, and in the menu press "Extract All..." then press extract.

3. A new window will open. Double click on the file "2DCafeTeam_CelsiusCafe". Then click on the executable "2DCafeTeam_CelsiusCafe.exe" to run the game.

If the game does not start, try disabling antivirus software and try again. 


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Someone bought 3 coffees minus the coffee and gave me a 2 star on Yelp...

Had a fun time but found some of the UI kinda difficult to understand, like i can put 2 cups on the espresso machine, but it only fills 1 and only under the green light. Now that i think about it i didn't try clicking on the light to see if it changes position, but oh well, was too much in a hurry with all the orders popping up. With a lot of orders popping up and not a lot of time to tackle each one 1 by 1, i sometimes forgot what was in each cup, maybe a little hover card to tell whats in the cup your hovering over would be a great idea.

Anyways, I enjoyed being a barrista here more than I do at my IRL job lol, hope you enjoy the video!